The journey to your plate

We use the best and freshest ingredients and wherever possible use local suppliers or produce. We also strive to minimise our environmental impact by recycling what we can, including all the oil we use. Our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable.


We travel to Billingsgate Market so we can have the freshest fish. We have built excellent relationships with all our suppliers and they ensure that all our fish comes from sustainable well-managed stocks fished using responsible methods. For example our cod comes from Scottish vessels caught using large mesh nets that prevent immature fish being caught. And our haddock is line caught by providing a variety of species we hope to encourage our customers to try something new and make sustainable choices.


Our potatoes are grown locally in Wicken Fen by Pope Potatoes. They are grown in black soil to enhance the taste. Throughout the year we will rotate the variety of potato we use to make sure they are the best seasonally available.

Mill Road

We are very lucky to a have Hilary’s on Mill Road who supply all our fruit and veg. All our jumbo sausages come from Mill Road’s very own Andrew Northrop Butchers.